It's been a while since I've seen anything from you. I hope your still dreaming and doing well~

There sadly might not be anything new from me for a good, long-ish, while. Back in June, my apartment had been broken into while I was out. My drawing tablet and other things were stolen from me that night. I can still do traditional art, yeah, but the motivation has yet to come back to me to draw anything. I’m also currently without my own place, so no where to really set up and draw. Between that stuff in work, art isn’t easy to do at the moment.

I’m making it threw, though. I’ll never stop dreaming, cause I’m pretty sure thats the only thing keeping me sane lol. Hopefully something will kick my muse back into gear soon and hopefully I can ask for a tablet for christmas or find one for cheap or borrow one from a friend once I get my life in order~

I miss drawing, and I miss sharing what I find fun and uplifting so hopefully I can fix all of this soon~


I saw talk of Sonic drawings, which I can get behind the love because hello its me, and reminded me of 3 doodles that have been staying in my sketchbook

also my way to yelling at you both “YES DO DRAW”


I feel like I haven’t drawn in like, a million years I’ve been so unmotivated, now it’s just BURSTING from my hand tonight


I feel like I haven’t drawn in like, a million years I’ve been so unmotivated, now it’s just BURSTING from my hand tonight

With your artwork, what is something your feel you have improved much on? and what do you feel you still need to work on?. Also what is the piece your most proud of and why?

oooooooOOO man

I think I’ve improved on a TONS of things? More than I probably realize. Especially for someone who is self taught and only learns through experimenting? Which many other artist do and are fantastic, but that’s something that helps me believe I’m improving at a pretty decent pace.

Hands are something I’ve improved the most on. Most people hate drawing them, but they’re honestly my favorite. They’re also what I need to still work on LOL it’s a never ending battle.

And shoes/feet

uuuuuugh my weakness


And most proud of wow um… I think all of the prints I have ever done? They’re the pieces that I poured more hours of work into then anything so I could make them nice enough to not only show to the world, but also sell.

I'm curious, who is that boy besides you in your soul eater picture?

It took me a while to figure out which picture you were referring too, and I assuuuume you mean this one O:

He’s just an OC meant to be my weapon. Never developed anything for him tho

How do you have such neat lines In your digital art?, also how do you make your sketches look so neat?!

i really dont its a  l i e…;;;;;;

Just lot and lots of erasing and going over the same thing a million times LOL

a good thing to do is to start really light with your basic sketch and then just darken the lines you want keep. This way you can make a lot of mistake and be messy if you wanna, and have the freedom to fix and change what you’d like without hard marks on the paper.

This is even easier to do digitally because tablets have pen pressure, or you can use a much lighter color, or you can change the opacity on a layer!


Happy birthday to this dork


Happy birthday to this dork


Seems not everyone is amused


Seems not everyone is amused

What do you dream about most?

I can’t tell you how much I appreciate all these questions <3 but I’m going to answer these on my personal blog xD

since this is my art blog and all, I don’t wanna fill it with so many text post~

No harm done! Just gonna move my answers over to my personal, so do jump over there~ And if you do have any more questions, please do send them to that blog :D Though feel free to have art related ones here too cause well lol art blog

Thank you so much again for all these questions! <3 I love them, they’re all great questions and I’m touched and honored anyone would ask me them!

How do you get your art turned into prints and stickers and such?

I haven’t gotten to try stickers yet, so I can’t really recommend a place I haven’t tried personally. You’d have to search around and find something; though I’m thinking of eventually investing in a little sticker printer.

But for my prints I print them out at Costco’s Photo Center!

Just don’t be like me and make silly mistakes with this lol.

  • When making your prints, make sure your digital canvas is 300dpi and the exact size of, maaaybe their biggest print? I’m still figuring sizing out, but you want the size right or you’ll have to crop everything. but the dpi is to make sure the quality is good~
  • And turn auto-correct off when ordering. Don’t have that.

With keychains you make a sheet of what you want to cut into a keychain! Like, repeated over and over, and then you can print them out at a home printer if you got one that colors nice, or go somewhere like staples and print them out. Just a normal sheet of paper or even a big one if you want. And they laminate there too! So they can do both for you and then you just cut them out. My nana gave me a small lamination presser, which I recommend investing in, cause thats less money for you to pay for every print that you want laminated and you can continue to make them at home! Especially if you have your own printer already!

I was given a tutorial on how to do keychains, so definitely look those up cause they are helpful and your friends~

bookmarks you can either make your own— even just like keychains and have them laminated. OR you can go to websites that do these specifically and have them sent to you.

Honestly, a LOT of this is trial and error. Not everything might be how you want it the first time, but thats okay. Cause once you SEE your stuff printed out and you’re touching it and it looks all legit you’re like “omggggggggg thats miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine” and you feel better for it.

Never be afraid to order samples! Order just a single print or bookmark and see how it looks and if you need changes made. Have some practice runs for keychains, etc. Just give yourself the time, it’ll ease stress that way.

I hope this helps a little~ And you should send basically all thank yous if it did to Kylee, ‘cause she’s the one who’s been teaching me c: I wouldn’t know any of this if she didn’t help me lol